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List it, don’t Fix it in 2017

If you’ve been holding off listing your home for a while now because it needs fixing up, consider this. Don’t fix it!

 That’s right. You may not need to invest in the huge amount of time, effort and money because of the large pool of buyers that already have the experience and skillset to do the work themselves.

More and more buyers are looking for fixer-uppers to renovate to meet their specific needs, upgrade for investment purposes or overhaul properties to flip for a profit.

By fixing up your property you may end up having to increase your asking prices to cover the costs of the improvements. With slim margins for profits, the added costs could eliminate many investment buyers.

Property buyers looking for homes that require renovations may prefer that nothing is fixed as they will plan, redesign and renovate the entire home. The renovations and improvement that you do may completely go to waste if it is not what the buyer has in mind.

Homes built in the 60’s through 80’s are ideal for fixer-upper opportunities. Generally, the quality of the structure for homes built in this era is high and an updated layout and design combined with new building technologies and materials makes for the perfect project.

Finally, it looks like the demand for properties in the North Okanagan will be high in the summer of 2017 so there’s an excellent opportunity to get the full-market price you are looking for without having the headache of doing some major fix ups on your home.

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